Thursday, February 28, 2013

Internal clock

Time seems to be speeding up these days
Like a roller coaster perhaps
Both frightening and exciting

Or perhaps it is more like a train and you missed your stop
Contemplating if you could survive a jump
Ducking and rolling may do the trick

Maybe one doesn’t wish to get off, but just to slow the speed
To not be so harried and rushed
To enjoy the scenery and greenery

Perhaps the apparent speed isn’t external at all
In the case of the coaster or caboose or car
Rather internal and infernal

The rush is more likely than not a projection and reflection
Of one’s thoughts and desires for control
Speeding off the tracks or anchoring the stacks

The clock is interior ticking and winding up to snap
The eleventh hour may as well be the first
Breathing slow or breathing fast

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