Thursday, February 28, 2013

which child hasn't cried for their mother?

My mother
Comfort me in sorrow

My cover
The joy of tomorrow

So tender
Maternal protection

Lioness to perfection

As John took you into his home
So you enter into ours
Our God and Lord Jesus Christ
Was born of you ‘neath the star

You point us to the King of all
Instructing us to do that which he says
To pay heed to the angelic call
To Him who on your cheek did kiss

The glory of virgins and the devoted
To Anna praying night and day in the courts
Blessed is she who believes and acts
Upon the angelic word of the Lord

For faith has made you mother of all
As Abraham was father to nations entrusted
The gate through which the Master arrives
The leader of the armies enlisted

The prayer of the mother is powerful as it works
The righteous man starts and stops the rain
For faith has built the queenly throne
Blessed hope, when Lord Jesus comes again

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