Monday, February 11, 2013

To Anastasia

You shouldn't be covered with dirt
Even if it doesn't hurt
Though there is nothing that I can protect you from
I still want to tear away leaf and sand and stone

You shouldn't be in a box
Behind a door upon which no one will knock
Though you are surrounded by angels and saints
It still feels like I’m leaving you alone

You shouldn't have to wear the same dress
Your hair will never be messed
Though time heals the wounds that we bear
A stitch in time is yet to be sewn

Under earth yet above the skies
Your lids are closed over your eyes
Though my perception is quite limited
I still wish I could’ve seen you grown

By Brent Kaseman

Thanks to Brent for allowing me to post this poem on this blog. Hopefully we'll see more from him here.

This poem is written to the little girl whose resting place is marked in the picture above. Her name is Anastasia - "resurrection". She was with us for three days, and then went home with her Father in Heaven.

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  1. That is beautiful. And it echoes almost exactly my own heart's pinings for a little boy who should have been making messy 8-year-old drawings and tracking in mud.