Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I See God Today in Oklahomans

Where is God in the whirlwind
Howling its windy wendy wrath
On the places of OK people
Opening arms to the open sky
Shouting to an unseen Heaven
Help us, or we are swept away

Perhaps God was not in the whirlwind
Even though He is everywhere else
And perhaps His wrath doesn't burn
Children who hear His still small voice
Echoing in their now silent ears

How do we go from faith to faith
Over the objection of nature's course
Praying to the Spirit that guides
Every wind of storm and breath

Jesus Christ! How senseless destruction
Overwhelms us when innocence dies
You know that feeling firsthand, too

Where else is there to go from this
Except to the God in our image

I see God today in Oklahomans