Monday, July 22, 2013

too soon

Knees Shake
                                   Hips sway
                Fists cling

   She'll learn to walk someday.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting Into Shape or Working It Out

I do I do
For You.
But I don't want to.

I say is care
Fully calculated to
Not hurt you.

It does anyway.
My silence hurts too.

Every think
I think is thought
Thru the filter of
What your opinion
Might be.

I hold empty arguments with the Shade
Of who I think you are.

I have known
You so long
So well.
It hurts when you surprise me
In bad ways or good.

It takes two to Fight.
Only one to Stop Trying.

Still yoked
still dragging
in the Same direction but
Not in step.

Trying to match strides while
Eying each other askance.

It's hard on your back
And on your heart.

My entire life is shaped
Around you.

But I'm reading
Self-help books and
I'm eating right.
I'm exercising too.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

There are No Spoils of War

There are no spoils of war
      The men we sent are empty-handed
      The job's been done
      The war's been won
      The troops are slowly disbanded
There are no spoils of war
      No treasure chests of gleaming gold
      No great reknown
      No royal crown
      No heads of princes in stories told
There are no spoils of war
      Men see their families once again
      Kisses and hugs
      Long red rugs
      Pride that they have fought like men
These are the spoils of war
      Life and liberty and love
      Freedom to fight
      For what is right
      To bend and worship God above
These are the spoils of war

~Written by Kenneth A. O'Shaughnessy for the return 
        of Sgt. John Newlin from Desert Storm