Thursday, November 28, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 14: Giving Thanks to God as a Nation

We thank God for bellies full just like we have all year
We thank Him for the football game and cheap U.S.-made beer
We thank God for our family and for our friends who came
We thank Him for some other things that all sound kind of lame

We thank God we're 'Mericans except for us who ain't
We thank Him for the beauty that we cover up with paint
We thank God for the freedom to worship as we choose
We thank Him for one more time that we can hit the snooze

We thank God that we are not like other countries are
We thank Him that in all ways we're superior by far
We thank God we have more to be proud of than we can tell
We thank Him, gorge, then send ourselves into shopping Hell

We thank God - it rolls so smooth and thoughtlessly from our tongue
We thank Him today but it's not the tune usually sung
We thank God when we should fast and mourn and pray and serve
We thank Him He does not give us the thanks that we deserve

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