Saturday, November 30, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 16: St Andrew the Apostle

X marks the spot where Saint Andrew died
Hands like double eagles in the sky
A crossroads on a cross at the crossroads
And patron of nations at all points
He found the Christ and sent Him everywhere

He was always one to call a friar a pope
And a messiah a messiah
And step back after introducing the two

He knew how many five loaves would feed
But still brought them to the Lord
It was the best way to bring 5,000 men
Not to mention the women and children
Or at least only in passing like him

If you were uncircumcised but circumspect
You could go through Andrew the Introductor
And be the first Gentiles to meet Jesus

Saint Andrew was always on the spot
No matter what he was fishing for
Like a net spread on the seas
His witness hooked the whole world
And brought them to Jesus' house

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