Sunday, November 17, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 3: Vanity

Vanity is so common nowadays
That we name furniture after it.
"Get me a piece of chocolate cake
Out of the gluttony, please"
"Lets watch a movie on the lust"
"I'll be there right after I update
My status on Pridebook"
We'd feel funny saying these,
True though they may be.
But we're comfy at the vanity.

Many think one has to think
They are beautiful to be vain.
But we keep our make-up
In the vanity - vanity and lies.
Vanity is a socially-networked
Hypocrisy, kind of like blogging:
Done at home while not-looking
In the mirror, seeing only
What we're putting on, and
Not what is really behind it all.

Poetry blogging may be the
Ultimate exercise in vanity:
A "Look at me!" that nobody
Looks at, but, hey, I'm a poet!
Like tongues, no one gets it,
And there's no interpreter.
If I wanted to say something
Other than "Look at me!"
I'd have written an essay,
Or gone to the closet to pray.

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