Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanks For Serving

We have no record of the first war.
I don’t mean Cain cudgeling Abel,
Although all wars are between brothers.
And I don’t mean “There was war in Heaven”-
There were no casualties in that war
Except humans here on earth.

I mean war, real and inpersonal,
Where every man is an ascetic,
Every man seeks the salvation
Of his own people, and gives up
His home, his family, his soul.

All he has left is a good God,
And he fights for that greater Good.
All wars are religious, because
All wars are sacrilegious.
Just like we rob the poor by our wealth,
We rob the warrior with our peace.

We say “Thanks for serving”
Without joining in the cup,
And miss that he is offered and offering,
The soldier is our national Eucharist.

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