Thursday, December 19, 2013

40 Day of Blogging Day 35: Black Peter

Face black as the smoke he breathes
While listening at the chimney
Lips red as the berries on the wreaths
Shown by Advent candles dimly
His rod and bag gape hungrily
For children being mischievous
Or hastes to tattle happily
To his master Saint Nicholas

Black Peter is a slave set free
Serving his thanksgiving
Or a demon in captivity
To St Nick of eternal living
No matter what his origins
He's now just a sort of dandy
Who travels with a fat old man
And tosses children candy

Everything good is done on an Eve
And just before a birth
Good will comes to those who believe
And bring Heaven down to Earth
May Black Peter catch you doing right
And following his saint too
All the good and sweet gifts that you might
Will be given unto you

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