Tuesday, December 3, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 19: Handel's Messiah

The Messiah first came to me as sheet music
Suspended above the earth on a black metal stand 
Waiting for me to blow his coming on the trumpet 
With my 11 year old lips on my eighty year old horn 
The trumpet shall sound not so good really 
Not without a lot more practice reaching heavenward
Mrs. Malone was the music incarnated
And the choir could have been singing 
"Holy Holy Holy" and surrounding the throne 
But all I could ever really do was blow 
And the Hallelujah was always at the end

The Messiah came to me next on spools
Celluloid circles of iron oxide in ranks
First in real reel-to-reel, then cassette
Hiding the headphones under my hat
As I sung my way through the early AM
Delivering the news, good or otherwise
My fourteen year old voice cracking
With cold and advancing adolescence
I accompanied the recording on the trumpet
Still reaching for that note in the clouds
And the Hallelujah was always at the end

The Messiah came to me in the choir
An informal sing-a-long for the sheer joy
The same reason the angels in Heaven sing
As everything is made new, including us
Joining in the oratorio uttered by the Word
And the Heavenly sing-a-long made me a man
That could trumpet the high notes
And when it all went to my head too much
I'd relieve the migraine by Messiah osmosis
And the Hallelujah was at the Incarnation
And it all ended with the angelic Amen

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