Saturday, December 7, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 23: Christmas Tree

I like Christmas trees with colored lights
Especially when they're on the blink
I like them all red, or blue, or white
I'm fine with cypress, pine, or plastic

I like them hung with store-bought stuff
And ornaments made by family hands
A heavenly herald sitting on the top
And strands of silvery tinsel all around

The children do all the tree work now
On the Sunday closest to St. Nicholas day
Like we did when I was a kid myself
You can see why the pagans had Childmas

I'd stick each plastic leaf on its plastic twig
With plastic pine cones adding drabness
And put on the lights and silver tinsel
And read The Christmas Story Little Golden Book

My favorite tree, though, was in the basement
Of our little First Baptist Church building
An unornamented silver aluminum tree
With a primary-color revolving light wheel

Of course Christ was probably hung on hardwood
Bringing life in the midst of death and darkness
But we wear metal crosses around our necks
And we try to be lights in the world

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