Wednesday, December 18, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 34: Log Cabins

Joshua was born in the Yule Log cabin
Early on one Christmas morn
There there was started a little fire burning
In the moment he was born
Thirty-three logs were stacked to build that house
Thirty-three times a thousand
For thirty-three years it would burn
More bright than most could stand

The cabin brought a light to those benighted parts
Where the dark had ruled for so long
It was lit up by lightening from the sky
Thundering with celestial song
And drew from afar and from the fields
Animals, shepherds and kings
Everyone gathers around a fire
To escape the death dark brings

The Yule Log cabin burned for thirty-three years
And exposed the dark-done deeds
Of those who were supposed to keep the fire lit
And those who would break bent reeds
And they hauled Josh up on the last Yule log
To celebrate as he burned away
They left him there like a smoking wick
As the Yule light died away

They tossed the ashen faggot in an empty cave
Banked into the side of a hill
And there the fire budded and blossomed and bloomed
And the Yule Log cabin's burning still
Candlesticks behind, stars shine from his hands
Feet and eyes that burn you to the ground
The gifts just keep on pouring from the Yule Log's end
Around that fire all men are found

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