Friday, December 20, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 36: Hats

They say most of your body heat escapes up through your head
So when you're cold you need a way to trap it there instead
You could light your hair on fire but soon you would be dead
Try wearing some kind of hat up there like your mother said

When your feet are way too cold put that hat there on top
If you have a head cold Vicks and socks will make it stop
If you need misdirection a hat makes a top-notch prop
But smoke and mirrors are all that you'll find at a head shop

A hat can show you who's in charge or has too much to do
A hat can keep you warm enough to keep from turning blue
A rack of hats might also mean that you're a redneck too
Don't wear it backwards like that you little rotten punk you

A fez or turban is a hat that says which God is yours
It makes it much more obvious than magicical drawers
But when you come to where God is get down on all fours
Take off your hat before the King whose crown ever endures

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