Sunday, December 22, 2013

40 Days of Blogging Day 38: Never

Whatever you do, don’t look down
You are not high enough yet
Earth is still close enough to touch
Just one small step for a man
But it seems like it’s so much
The decision to leave the Earth
And reach Heaven if you can
Feels like a second birth
Through pain and blood and sweat
Formed from dust out of the ground

If it’s like this at the bottom
What’s it like when you get high
Where air is weak and gravity strong
Body yearning to feel the fall
When it seems you’ve climbed so long
With a lifetime still to go
And the ladder, the ladder is all
The only ground around you know
And Heaven is just a sigh
And Earth is brimstoned like Sodom

You could go back to your old ways
At your ease with your disease
And content with discontentment
Confront your demons where they thrive
Clinging only to resentment
Against a life you’ve never tried
But if you climb up you’ll arrive
Safely on the other side
You’ll fall down upon your knees
And cry grateful tears for grace

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