Friday, February 28, 2014

Emily said Hope

Emily said Hope is the thing with feathers
but I think Hope is the thing with claws and fur and teeth
comfortable to pet when things are going with the grain
and comforting to listen to the healing purr
only extending its claws when moving forward faster
or to remind us that pain is only occasional
and Hope springs eternal, crouching and pouncing.

But when things are rubbed the wrong way
Hope digs in its claws and bares its teeth
hackles rising, back arching, hissing, hissing
tearing bleeding lines, tearing dripping eyes
making hairballs in your throat and lungs
until you can only sob and cough and hurt
and try to pet the thing back calm and soft.

Emily said Hope is the thing with feathers
and it sings through everything without words
but Hope makes its own words inside you
which you can't get out because of the hairball
scratching them out on your heart where they'll scar
and Hope will spring eternal, then curl up in your lap
and comfortably claw your gently heaving belly.

1 comment:

  1. Honey hope faith trust are gifts,free Christ just wants you to say yes, love Mary