Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 12: The Spiritual Necessity of Tithing & Almsgiving

I tried to fight temptation until it made me blue
I visited the sick and fed the poor
I lit my candles at the church and said all my prayers too
But it seemed there must be something more

I read the daily readings and lives of the saints too
I read all the Fathers had to say
I read the Philokalia, Way of the Pilgrim one and two
But felt like I was not on the way

I witnessed to my workmates and the grocery checkout clerk
I preached the Gospel in the city park
No opportunity to share the faith did I ever try to shirk
But I was just shouting from the dark

I helped all of my neighbors, sang tenor in the choir
Served on each committee that I could
They looked to me for wisdom when things came to the wire
But I only did the things I should

All the spiritual value I had tried to build in me
Was like the dung that Saint Paul spoke about
Since I couldn't save myself then I was free
To forget myself and all of my self-doubt

All I had left was money and I gave it out with glee
Tithes and alms I purposed to deliver
And as I gave as freely as was given to me
I learned that God does love a cheerful giver

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