Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 15: Ignorance

The people are swept away
The whirlwind of their passions
Has blown down the landmarks
The stones of remembrance

The children are few in number
Conceived but never born
Never given life at all
Or given lives of death

And they are not to blame
Common sense and decency
Made fairness to everyone
Righteousness to no one

The prophets were not silent
The priests held liturgies
And traditioned their faith
To all of the faithful

It is a time for pugilism
To be in the world but
To change it from the inside
You must be wholly outside

The voice of God thunders
Even the still small voice
Preaching a God we do not know
Who will listen if we do not

We must take words and return
Pay our vows to the Lord
That knowledge is for children
And we are not very wise

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