Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 7: Temple

My body is a temple built as an abode for God
Hung with tapestries and the family jewels
Lit with golden sensors blowing smoke
Blood flows like wine and soaks the bread
Antiochus Epiphanies has slaughtered the swine

"Open the gates of repentance, O Giver of life,
for my spirit rises early to pray toward you holy temple,
bearing the temple of my body all defiled;
but in Your compassion,
purify me by the loving kindness of Your mercy."

I built the temple that my father never could
His enemies were his sacrifices, mine are my friends
I feast on the fleshpots of Egypt in my idolness
Attended by a thousand virgins and their gods
All around me is peace, all inside me is war

"Lead me on the paths of salvation, O Mother of God,
for I have profaned my soul with shameful sins,
and have wasted my life in laziness.
But by your intercessions,
deliver me from all impurity. "

I wanted to build a temple where God would dwell
But unless God builds the house, I labor in vain
But I need a roof of protection between me and God
In the Tabernacle I must put my face to the ground
And God comes down and raises me up

"When I think of the many evil things I have done,
wretch that I am,
I tremble at the fearful day of judgement.
But trusting in Your loving kindness,
like David, I cry to You:
Have mercy on me, O God, according to Your great mercy."

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