Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 25: Swimming

Just keep swimming
That is what the little fish said to do
And she should know since she's been to school
But all I want to do is to drown in you

Just keep swimming
Don't ever quit while you think you're ahead
A moment of quitting and you might be dead
But I'd go belly up in your daisy bed

Just keep swimming
Swim against the current if you want to live
Two shakes of your tail's all you have to give
But if I cannot float I hope you'll forgive

Just keep swimming
Even if your ocean is a goldfish bowl
And your boundaries are out of your control
But I'll wait right here and you'll save my soul

Just keep swimming
Until you're caught up in that great sky net
And the Angler in the Sky wipes away the wet
But canned all up with you I would like to get

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