Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 30: Ancestors

My only Hibernian is the oh apostrophe
With all the French and German in the makeup of me
The Greatest Generation was pretty much our first
It's my forebears rather than kids who are dispersed
My mother's mother's parents fled the Second World War
Her father used some Yiddish whenever he swore
But where he learned it from is anybody's guess
Since the family line drawings are a total mess
My father's mother was Irish too to some degree
Plus French-Canadian Indian that joined the tree
And that's where the genealogist stopped short
Where other races go she wasn't a good sport
My father's father was Irish-Canadian too
Born in the seaway islands named Long Sault
He fought for the US as a soldier in the war
And became a citizen once back on our shore
From my father's side there's not so much I learned
Maybe a work ethic as far as that's concerned
It's my mother's side that looked to God above
And both are so important when push comes to shove

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