Thursday, September 29, 2016

Holy Archangels

Holy angel Gabriel
Bring me good news today
Seems everything has gone to Hell
All men have gone astray
Amid the shots curses and screams
I pray until God's glory beams
It's been so long - or so it seems
Bring me good news I pray

Holy angel Raphael
Bring healing to my soul
Go with me as I wander far
And bring me to my goal
In cold of night or desert thirst
When enemies have done their worst
When my ways seem like they're cursed
Heal me and make me whole

Holy archangel Michael
Bring my salvation near
My enemies outside and in
Keep me in constant fear
Fight all the darkness of this world
May they down to Hell be hurled
The banner of the cross unfurled
Victoriously we cheer

Lord of the Angelic Hosts
Your messengers I praise
My head I bow in thankfulness
My joyful voice I raise
For the good news that you are king
For soul and body's healing
For my enemies' conquering
Your holy angels praise

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